A Gift Guide From The Grumpy Prince

I asked my Grumpy Prince to do a Valentines list of things he might consider getting me
from Etsy and this is what he came up with.
Pretty good what do you think?

Wood Sign (this is real romantic - chicks dig that): here
'Tiny Heart' Pendant Necklace (very simple - a classic Valentine's gift): here
'Be My Valentine' Friendship Bracelet (subtle and makes the point): here
Valentine's Day Card (you need one of these to go with your gift - or so I'm told): here
Lingerie (this is the gift that keeps on giving...): here

I've had such a surge of creative energy over that last few days that
I've just been making items for the shop non-stop.
It's been awesome!!

Hope you are having a wishy-washy Wednesday!!