Vroom...Hape Motorcycle

The grumpy prince and I have learned many life lessons since we've embarked on
raising a family. One such lesson is kids DON'T need a lot of TOYS - just 
a few really good ones.  
This was a hard lesson learned and one that's cost us at least our 1st borns 
university education..lol.  I love toys and with this I've bought a lot of 
toys over the last 9 years and many of them so unnecessary.

Last Christmas gp and I learned a very valuable lesson, albeit a bit late in
the game. Kids really just want what they want and everything else
is excessive. We noticed last year when the kids opened
the gifts they REALLY wanted, everything else became
irrevelant. So irrevelant that we were able to put away many of the
toys they didn't want to use for later dates..ie. birthdays.

So this year we stuck to what the kids really wanted and SAVED a ton
of money.  But with companies like hape making modern enviro friendly toys
like the motorcycle above (made from bamboo) how can we stop
buying toys!!??  

This is a christmas gift given to the littlest keteer from his aunt and uncle
and it's sooo cool!! The grumpy prince and I can't stop talking about it!
We need to have more of their toys.  Along with Melissa & Doug (who 
make toys that can be passed down for generations) Hape has immediately
become a family fave.

Hope you are have a toyful Thursday!