Snow & Happy New Year!!

We woke up to the most amazing vision yesterday morning...SNOW!!
Falling from the sky, resting on branches and rooftops and piling up on the ground.
Finally, my beloved snow.

see the birds nest..
while taking pics the littlest one stepped out in his bare  

My bff was in the town from Michigan with her family. I finally got to hold
the newest addition to her family, who's now 7 months old. She's absolutely beautiful
with the loveliest blue/gray eyes.  Our kids are all pretty close in age so a blast was
had by all!!

Well my friends, this is it the end of the year!!
I hope 2011 was bright and 2012 will be even brighter
lots of Love, Laughter & Prosperity!! 

Thanks for hanging out with me and for your support of the shop!!