friday finds in Etsyland - Hats!!

1.  How cool is this aviator hat.
2. This designer offers some of the chicest hats.
3. Super cute cat ears hat.

I've always had a thing for hats, but never owned any.  I remember once taking a family
trip to visit relatives in New York and we went shopping.  I saw a bucket hat 
(didn't know it was called that at the time) that looked similar to the one worn in The Smiths 
video for 'how soon is now'. Tried it on and couldn't really get a yay or nay from my
mum so I didn't buy it.  Later when we were a million miles away from the shop, 
she said it looked "great".  Thanks a lot Mom!! - lol! 

 Lately, I've been thinking about hats alot. With 3 musketeers I can't
always get to the flat iron and I've discovered how much faster I can get out the door
with a hat.  I recently bought a fun one for such days.  

So now I consider myself to be a 'hat girl' and where better to look for future hats
than etsyland!! 

It's Remembrance Day in Canada today.  A day to honour and thank all
of our soldiers.  It used to be a day off from school  but it was thought that the kids
weren't getting the meaning of the holiday at home.  We stop for a moment of silence
at 11am.  When I'm out around that time I'm always disappointed to see that many people 
don't stop to pay respect, it's very sad to me. 

Hope you have a great weekend and a 
Respectful Friday ♥