friday finds in Etsyland!!

Here are some shops I wandered into in Etsyland this week.

Love, Love, Love....this angel ring has my name all over it


Love this fabric, these cushions are so dreamy

I think this is kind of sexy..

On my way to the loo last night I discovered that my eldest musketeer (he's 9) has been reading in bed late at night.  How late you ask, try 3:45 a.m.  I nearly lost my mind, I mean it's awesome he's an avid reader but no wonder he's been dragging his bum out of bed late almost ever morning this week.  I mean I can get lost in a book but that's a bit much!!

I returned to bed after quietly yelling at and discovered that sleep had left the room.  She just up and walked out... some nerve.  So then I walked out into the living room and went into my shop which was very quiet, I did have a shop ♥ which is always nice.  I went back to bed at about 6:30 and there was sleep waiting to take me under and I went to her with open arms.   So today, I'm a little dazed  and I can't seem to focus on anything for too long and look at how chatty I am....uhm

It's our Thanksgiving long weekend and I can't wait to just hang out with family and maybe some friends.  I'm not much of a cook usually the grumpy prince takes on the stress of holiday dinners, but I can run a mean vacuum and fluff a pillow like no one

Hope you have a frivolousness Friday.