Fall 2011 TV Shows - My Hits & Misses!!

Hello friends, not sure if I've ever shared this with you, but I watch a lot of t.v., A LOT!! Which is sort of a problem when you are raising 3 musketeers who you don't want to be influenced.  Especially by societies opinion of what's trending in terms of objects and lifestyles.  There are shows right now that are geared towards my eldest boy keteer (9 years) and I'm not sure why the trending typical tween male persona is an idiot.  And commercials are a whole other topic and post!!

With that said I watch a lot of t.v. not just the shows I like/love (vampire diaries), but also kids programming.  You might ask where I find time for the shop and living my life and I will simply say "I don't know" it just happens.

So today, I've decided to share my fall 2011 tv season hits and misses.

Hits:                                                 Misses:                                    On The Fence:
Revenge                                           Terra Nova                              Up All Night
Person of Interest                         Unforgettable                          2 Broke Girls
Suburgatory                                   Prime Suspect                         New Girl                           
                                                         Whitney                                    Free Agents
                                                         A Gifted Man                           The Secret Circle

Here's a pic of what I'm missing while sitting in front of the tv...lol :0)

It's been raining all day here in the city, so I hope you have a wet watching tv Wednesday...lol!!