Crushing On - m0851 Leather Bags!!

Hello my friends, hope all is well.  I've been very busy with the musketeers and working on some new designs for the shop.  To date a lot of my items are one of a kind and while I like to work this way I'm beginning to wonder if it's good for business.  I like the idea of one of a kind items, it allows me to keep moving forward with ideas.  Lately I've been thinking it would be nice and maybe a bit easier if I had a handful of products that I could make consistently.  For instance, my chain necklaces and earrings have been doing well and I wonder if I should keep making them?  Are you a small business owner; if so what do you do?  If you're a fan of GRIMM & GRETE I'd like to know what you think, variety or specific looks.

Well then, that's enough of

Today I'm crushing on a Montreal based company m0851 (formally Rugby North America).  Speaking of rugby, the grumpy prince who used to play rugby in high school was very interested in the Rugby World Cup Games.  I understood some of the game but every time a player went down with the ball I expected to hear the referees whistle to end the play but the ball would just keep moving.  Any hoot, congrats to the All Blacks from New Zealand on their win against France (I have no allegiance to any team).  I will say this though the Haka the New Zealand players perform at the beginning of each game to pysch out the opposing team is AWESOME!!

Now back to m0851. I actually have a few of their bags; one of which is MIA (must find that bag, looked everywhere, its driving me a bit batty). The leather is absolutely amazing and it ages incredible well. So I went to their site to see if they still carry those bags.  No luck, but here is what I saw....

I know the first one is not a bag, but isn't it cute.

I hope you are all having a twisted Tuesday.