crushing on - Comrags fall 2011 collection!!

When I worked outside the home, oh about 100 years ago....(wow, maybe about 10 years now) this awesome designer label contributed many pieces to my work wardrobe.  I have this amazing navy blue skirt by Comrags that's cut on the bias (something the design duo of Judy Cornish and Joyce Gunhouse are great at) that hipsters would constantly stop me to ask where I'd bought it.  It's still one of my fave pieces.  I used to go into their cool Queen West shop after my 1st musketeer was born and go through the racks saying to myself I'd buy that and that and match it with that and

Anyhoot, here is their wonderful fall 2011 collection of gorgeous fabrics, awesome skirts, dresses, blouses and outerwear. 

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Hope you all had an amazing long weekend.  It was chilly and overcast with pockets of rain here in the city but we still made the most of it hanging with family.  Things are going to be (omg, I haven't had my cauldron of tea for the morning) so sorry, must get tea now or brain will.....