'Lily Collection' by GRIMM & GRETE

Inspired by the French Bohemian movement of the 19th century, 
the 'Lily Collection' with its modern gypsy flare
will be your one and only go to adornment 
for the season.

Wear you moonstone lily for romantic strolls through the 
park on a sun filled afternoon after seeing that
cool international movie at the old movie house.


The onyx lily for more of an edgy bohemian vibe as
you wander through the crowded city streets
on your way to work or weekend excursions 
to vintage record stores and off the
beaten path boutiques.


Lily in purple agate with an art deco vibe to your 
gallery opening, when after a successful showing
you'll grab take out sushi before heading home
to celebrate.

Lily ma seule et unique.


Happy Monday morning!!