crushing on - Tracy Reese fall 2011 collection!!

I could have literally posted Tracy Reese's entire fall 2011 collection.  Every piece has it own personality and speaks to your every mood.  There are so many amazing dresses both casual and evening to chose from. I just kept adding and adding.

Awesome collection see MORE here!!!

The grumpy prince and I saw the movie 'priest' this past weekend and really enjoyed it.  On rotten tomatoes it score 15% but we went ahead and rented it anyways.  I thought it was a cool premise and totally watchable, I don't know....c'est la vie.  

My mum definitely marches to the beat of her own drum.  During our visit yesterday, just out of nowhere she reaches into her bag saying 'Lisa, i have something for you' and takes out two roll-on bottles of deodorant from Avon, what do you do with!?

How are you all?  Hope you have a tempting Tuesday!