Tune in Thursdays - Mazzy Star

I found some pre-musketeers shoes (translation: shoes with heels) and I wore them around the tower for a bit remembering what it felt like to be a lot taller and a little bit sexier (that's right folks, mama of three feeling sexy!)

Anyhoo, these pre-musketeer shoes also remind me of the band Mazzy Star (maybe a different place and time).  This CD got a lot of play when the grumpy prince and I were first dating, so much so that even he got into them; well a little. Shhh, secret sharing time, this was my break-up/heartache go to band.  Hope Sandavol's voice would put me under a melancholy trance that was utterly sublime.

The city of Toronto is now under an official 'extreme heat alert'.  Which means it's crazy hot outside (45+ degrees) and if you don't have to be out Health Officials advise you to stay in.  So we are standing/sitting still in the tower today.

Have a tranquil Thursday.