A Dreamy Space

I love white spaces; cool, fresh and modern. I envy the people who are able to pull it off. I imagine it must feel like you're living in white fluffy clouds; light and airy with a calming effect on your mind and soul.

Annamique de Kroon a professional feng shui consultant from Amsterdam has such a gorgeous white interior living space.  The arched ceiling and windows are so beautiful.  I can just imagine how pretty falling rain and snow would look through those windows.  Reading a book on the lounge with the sunlight playing on the walls behind you...so dreamy, so romantic!

all photos from Bloesem

My friends today is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!  It really is a great time, but the musketeers are going to have me tied up quite a bit for the summer.  My eldest musketeer has perfected his rope tying techniques and I'm sure there will be little escaping on my part, lol :)

Have a worldly Wednesday.