tune in thursdays - TOOL

What can I say about my love for the band TOOL (see the way I write the name in all caps, lol?).  This is actually a band that both myself and the grumpy prince are into.  I love this band so much that again I've chosen not to know anything about them, I let the music speak for them.

'Sober' is my all time favourite TOOL song; it's my shower song, washing the dishes song (yes, I wash my dishes by hand, remember I live in a tower no dishwasher here), design jewelry to this song, you name it I 'sober' it. Because of some of the lyrics I can't play it loud when the musketeers are around, but it does get played; a lot of TOOL gets played.

Video and lyrics may be offensive to some, with that said this is an amazing video for an amazing song.  Hope you enjoy it.  If you like TOOL, what is your all time fave song?

Hope you're having a titanic thursday!