crushing on teen fiction - the mortal instruments

Small confession to make; after much research on (love & trust the feedback comments) I put this next book series on my 'mother's day' list.  But after I devoured 'crescendo' in a day and a half, I started to go through some intense reading withdrawal symptoms: fidgety hands, non stop pacing and severe crankiness.

The grumpy prince seeing my acute dismay offered me an early 'md' gift.  So I actually started reading this series about a week ago.  What series you ask? It's another 'trilogy' called The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare (a 'trilogy' but there is a book four 'city of fallen angels' released in April).  To be honest it's a little different than I'm used to.

Book one 'City of Bones' had new concepts for me to wrap my mind around.  This made it a slow read for me, but I enjoyed that for a change.  I was able to put the book down to do things like...respond to a question, wash myself, eat a meal, or take care of the musketeers.  But that slow build up turned into a wild, crazy, funny (lots of laughs) and intense ride filled with some not so obvious surprises.

I'm currently half way through book two 'City of Ashes' and the wild joyride continues!

book one

book two

book three

Hope everyone is having a terrific Tuesday morning, afternoon or night!