tune in thursdays - The Sugarcubes

My mom recently downsized to a smaller place and with her move went a lot of my teenage music identity.  I didn't make it over in time and in part, I didn't know where I was going to store all my records.  That's right records; shock! shock! horror! did she just say "records"?  For those of you who are not sure what a record is, it's the black vinyl disc that D.J's assault on turntables to get rad grooves (or so I'm told).

So with this said I have been lamenting the loss of some of my favorite records:  my Smiths collection (every Smiths album I could afford, some of the "imports" were ridiculously priced), Morrissey, R. E. M., Echo and the Bunnymen, along with  many others including The Sugarcubes first album.  Before Bj√∂rk became a solo artist, she fronted the Sugarcubes along with her then husband/guitarist Thor Eldon. The song is "birthday" and I loved this song, watching the video last night made me think of my "cherry docs" and I think those went out as well.  So in memory of lost teenage angst, The Sugarcubes!

If anyone has a similar story I'd love to hear it.
Hope you enjoy!