fashion friday

my love of jewellery is so overwhelming. i can spend hours in the shopping mall going into every jewellery store. lately, i've become obsessed with estate and vintage jewellery. several hours and many dollars later, i'm on such a high it's a wonder i can work on my own jewellery line.
so today's fashion friday is from the bjorg jewellery 2011 collection entitled: mystical nomadic accessories. love the title mystical nomadic; it sounds so romantic. i noticed in one of the photos there's a metal triangle necklace that is similar to my new beaded pyramid collection. i've included two pieces from my line that will be in the shop this weekend. hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


new to the shop this weekend

bjorg jewellery 2011 collection: mystical nomadic accessories

love, love, love, this picture!!!

see the triangle necklace?

love this ring, great photo as well!!!

find more of this fantastic collection here