crushing on

hope you all had a great weekend! i enjoyed hanging around the tower this weekend with the grumpy prince and the musketeers, i even had a chance to work on adding some new items to the shop. i added a new collection of luxe bohemian bracelets, see below:


now on to my current crush. along with my lust of jewellery is an equal lust of bags. i'm starting to get excited just thinking about this next post....hold on a minute...i need to take a deep at this at this point in my life i've spent a small fortune (enough to send all three musketeers to university) on handbags, wallets, messenger bags and totes. but no clutches. wait a minute...i just found my way in with the grumpy prince, he won't know what's hit him!!  I need a clutch!

before i get into this post, i must say, a few years ago the prince pulled off a magic trick to end all magic tricks. my most lusted after bag had come on sale (so now it would only cost 1 months rent!). somehow he was able to get me this bag. that day under such an overwhelming high, i did indeed vow it would be my last bag!! foolish pretty maid that i am there's no way i can keep that vow and besides I need a clutch!

so this weeks 'crushing on' is what else A BAG! and the cool designer behind these bags. i've been lusting after this bag i saw on a website last year and this weekend i followed the trail of the bag to it's creator and shop. i discovered it has all these pretty friends and now i'm losing my mind. however, i can now bargain with the grumpy prince on the grounds of not having a clutch (then i'll move in on my first lust).
the designer is claire vivier and her bags are so cool here is a look at my wish list:

my first lust!

this comes in the most beautiful navy colour!

more casual for running around with the musketeers.

wow! the silver or the gold, come on!

ANY ONE of these would be a great start! and for the record i need a clutch!

i will continue to work on the grumpy prince, mother's day is coming up!