Major Score at The Gap!

I'm rarely at the right place at the right time...but that all changed a few weeks ago
when the family ventured downtown to the mall to buy my eldest a pair of swim trunks.
Going to a mall is a treat in these parts (primarily because I shop on-line +
our neighbourhood offers a pretty good selection of stores).

Any hoot, saw the Gap was having a sale + popped in (truth be told I hate sale
racks; crowded + overwhelming). So I tried to do some racks + quickly
gave up when I spotted this awesome coat all by it's lonesome + sauntered over to it.
At this point a sales associate informed me that there was an additional 50% of the
last ticketed price + I thought really!?

With that tit-bit of information I checked out this coat with a little more vigor.
Originally $168, then $51.99 + then my price $25!

That's right I got this awesome coat above for $25 bucks!