Coming Soon - Stacking Rings

I bought some soldering supplies back in May + everything sat
 until about a week ago.  That's when I lit the torch up + got to soldering.  

I didn't take the advice of my bud
MJ(MerCurios); who advised me to start with a lesser metal, 
no not me, I had to jump right in with sterling silver wire!
To my surprise it worked out... extremely well!!  
I wanted to solder everything in sight, more rings, bracelets, 
the kids to the furniture...

I just settled for two rings + I haven't taken them off since.

I'm experimenting with a thinner wire gauge because
I ♥ the look.  I will take the next few weeks to
fine tune my skills before making rings for the shop.
I'm very excited about this, I ♥♥♥ RINGS!!