In the Studio - Making of a Lullaby

I thought you might like to see some studio action so 
I forced myself to remember to take photos of my process. 
 I recently had an order for 'Lullaby' (x2), so here are some pics. 
They were going to the same address so I wanted them to look as 
similar as humanly possibly to avoid 
'yours looks better than mine' (crazy I know). 

In the end I was thrilled with the outcome...

 my carefully hand drawn moon with 3 stars sawed out of a piece of brass.
(note: even though my item descriptions say 'handcut' all my work is hand sawed. 
I learned very early on that using french shears curves the metal + it's impossible to hammer it out.)
both moons carefully sawed out.
holes punched out for star sawing.
one star down 5 more to go.
small hand drawn circles for earrings.
circles pasted on brass metal.
earrings cut out.
moons hammered for texture (craters).
moons + sterling silver oxidized for shading/tone.
10» oxidizing complete// metal drying out.
11» my handmade sterling silver clasp.
12» completed sets.

It's sharing time...this is something I can't explain; it just is. 
I'm a southpaw + not for the life of me can I saw with my left-hand. 
The blade just seems more natural in my right-hand + I suspect
this is the reason why I can't saw a straight line if my life depended on it.

I also took some behind the scene pics for our personalized brass arrow bracelet.
Will share when I find them.

Have an awesome day!!!