Lullaby - Brass Moon + Gemstone Jewelry

all images via: tumblr + pinterest

The glow of the moon lulls us to sleep on most nights + on the nights when it's full you can find
me + my babe hiding under the covers just in case the werewolf myth is true... 

 I will be adding a small collection of handmade brass moons called 'lullaby' to the shop. 
Our moons are hand cut from brass, filed by hand, hammered for texture 
+ oxidized for tone//shading. 

The Moon
The full-orbed moon with unchanged ray 
Mounts up the eastern sky, 
Not doomed to these short nights for aye, 
But shining steadily. 

She does not wane, but my fortune, 
Which her rays do not bless, 
My wayward path declineth soon, 
But she shines not the less. 

And if she faintly glimmers here, 
And paled is her light, 
Yet alway in her proper sphere 
She's mistress of the night.