Sneak Peek - heart pendants

If you stop by the shop (late evenings + weekends) you may see a new face behind the cash + that ladies//gents is my babe, main squeeze, old man, hubby Harry. We officially added his name to the shop. 

 He's my major consultant on design ideas and figuring out tools for metal work. 
We've discovered that I'm really good at cutting metal +
 he's awesome at stamping it.  He also mails packages, helps with SEO + so much more. 

More importantly he's been a huge grounding force for me. There are so
many things I want to do with RbF + he helps me focus on walking before I run. 
He's very calm + see's things differently when I can only see things one way.

So with all this love in the air, we've added a new heart to the shop.  Cut with our rough
around the edges technique, each heart will be one of a kind + will be available in brass + sterling silver. 

Hope you all had an awesome weekend.  
We had a blast on Saturday night with 'earth hour'. 
 I couldn't help myself - hiding in rooms + scaring the kids...lots of fun.

OMG we just saw that this is our 500th blog post!
Congrats to + thanks for reading!