Music Monday - Stars Video

♥ this band; Stars from MontrĂ©al + this song was an immediate download when I heard it on the
radio during dinner the other night.  Of course, my I.T. guy loves the video though he could do without
the smoke, lol. 

They will be performing at this years Coachella, see this years lineup here. Would ♥ to see Dinosaur Jr., Stone Roses, Blur, New Order, Matrix + so many others.  Is anyone out there going? 
Who are you going to see?

Hope your weekend was a blast!!  
My Saturday was very strange, I lacked energy + spent the whole day + early evening in bed. I did manage to learn something new from a show called 'Inked'; tattoo artists refer to us as 'skins'.
 ie. dude, where's your skin at?"

March Break...