Music Monday - Jake Bugg "two fingers"

This song has been getting a lot of attention in these parts over the past few weeks.
A lot of singing to the tops of our voices + some serious toe tapping.

There's a very interesting history to the flip off of those 'two fingers' by the Brits.
Personally, I think it's hot how effortlessly it's done by those
naughty, sexy British boys in their leather jackets...oops, is it getting hot in

Any hoot, the use of two fingers apparently dates back to when battles were
fought by archers. The French would chop off the index finger + middle fingers 
when a British archer was captured... rendering him inactive for battle.  
So apparently these two fingers would be flashed by the 
Brits before battle as a 'take this'/'up yours'
you didn't get us + we're going to kick your butt. 

 Please no angry comments, History is in fact my weakest subject + I'm
too lazy busy to look it up. Anyways, I think this is a good summary of 
what I heard from the radio announcer after he played this song the other night. 
Mind you with 3 kiddos it's a miracle when we hear
anything in these parts. I could hardly hear any of the
pre-Oscars fuss last night...thank God for sleepy time...

Did you watch the Oscars? wasn't Adele + Jennifer FAB?...♥ those girls + their talent. 
'Skyfall' is the BEST Bond song EVER...that's right E-V-E-R!!
hmm, maybe that should have been today's music

Speaking of the Oscars look at where our
 'amour bracelet' appeared here.

Hope your weekend was a blast...