Music Monday - Françoise Hardy

Here's another gem from Espace musique. We're still listening to French radio during the day + lately we've started to watch french tv at night.  My eldest watched Batman en français a few weeks back + we started to watch La Voix which is "The Voice" in  french showcasing francophone talent from Quebec. The kids have been trying to teach me some French so we've been playing little games + surprisingly I'm starting to understand un peu plus.

With so much French flying around, I decided to create a new + très petite collection of 'Love Letter' i.d. bracelets for the shop. Each bracelet is hand-stamped with a French word or phrase + le mieux part is all of them will be one of a kind because of the deliberate uneven edges I create as I'm sawing out each i.d. tag. In the end they end up looking like little torn up pieces of paper from lettres d'amour français...will be in the shop in the next 2 days.

Hope your weekend was awesome! The crazy snowfall was welcomed, the kids had a blast playing in it...