tarot cards - THE WILD UNKNOWN

current deck left on our bookcase in the bedroom...hint, hint ;)
Remember I told you awhile back that I bought the Rider Tarot Deck years ago 
+ I never opened them. Well, I opened the deck a few weeks ago in hopes of 
convincing my I.T. guy that I was now ready to take 
reading my cards seriously.  

Why now you ask?  Well here's the confession. 
Ever since I saw this beautiful Tarot card set here 
with all original artwork by Kim Krans I've been obsessed with having it. 
The deck of cards looks so beautiful + they come in a hard box 
with black ribbon, I just need to have that set. 

So I've been dropping major hints + leaving my current set 
+ my Tarot for Dummies around so he 
can see that I'll be serious this time †♥.

If you live in the Toronto area these cards can be purchased here.