popular bling ~ amethyst feather necklace + my new iphone

Our popular '1983' amethyst + feather necklace is back in the shop.
With a small design change + it's now available in 3 new chain lengths:
24", 26", 28" + it comes with a floating silver heishi bead on the chain.

my b-day loot!

After years of being absolutely satisfied with my blackberry which is really old + acting up now, my I.T. guy (hubby) got me an iphone + higher speed internet.  He went to get the iphone 5, but there was a
  waiting list of at least 15 days + a $40 dollar deposit (for a PHONE people!!) who knew + are you kidding me?!! So he got the iphone 4 S at a great price point + plan. I got an Otterbox iphone 4 S commuter series case because it's all black + the perfect amour against 3 kiddos. + last but not least a new home//travel mug from Starbucks for my crazy tea addiction.  It's a perfect size for me, I fill it up first thing in the morning + it takes me to noon. I was using one with a handle but because I'm left-handed it took me forever to line the lid up with the handle.  This baby caught my eye on-line + I started dropping major hints. Remember, if you have your own mug it saves you money.  I save $0.10 on the fill up + do my bit for the environment. I think it's crazy that some places double up on the coffee cups.

Have an awesome weekend...