sneak peek :: brass yourself

here is a sneak peek at what i've been up to in the 'studio'.
 tracing, sawing and filing my little a$$ (that's right little).
loving the rush of seeing my ideas come to life.

 brass is my choice of metal because it's such a unique material to work with.
i've bought a lot of antique brass over the last few years so i know
it just gets better with age. i also love the unique characteristics each piece
  can acquire through the aging/tarnishing process. and if you don't like it you
just shine it up like new.

these will probably hit the shelves in the next day or two.

on the home life front; the kiddos are back at school.
so i'm back at school. my oldest boy is in his
6th year of french immersion and my girl has
just started grade 1, which is her 2nd year studying french.
so that means it's just the little one and me at home during the day.
which is completely new to him, he's always had at least one
sibling at home. yesterday he was very quiet and he shadowed
me for the first hour or so. today was much better.

maybe this year i'll finally learn some

have a good one!!

R b F