new :: brass pendant necklaces!!!

with Etsy promoting all the super cool modern brass jewelry it has to offer, i had
to step up my release date for our new brass pendant series.

 my inspiration for 'midnite mercy' is drawn from the images above.
 it's a place where hope + despair intersect when you've hit rock bottom
+ the only way out is up.

the knights book is my sons.  it spent a lot of time
on the floor when he was done with it this summer + i got tired
of stepping over it + decided to give it a read.
knights got me thinking of Assassin's Creed
with their devotion to the protection of
honour, truths + freedoms.

this leads to the oaths/promises we make to ourselves + others
with Cross my Heart (†♥) which are 2 symbols
 i started using this summer in the the shop.
the grumpy prince thinks it's really cool
+ thinks it should become part of my
signature. so you may see me
signing off with it more.

both our 'midnite mercy' + 'Cross my Heart' pendants/bracelet
are now in the shop!!


R b F