coming soon...All Saints

hello all, i hope things are well with you.

above is a sneak peak of what will be on the shelves of R b F soon.

i'll have to keep this post short even though i have some more
things to share with you.  the grumpy prince is around today + tomorrow
so i'm going to take advantage of the time...

speaking of time wtf...again i'm struggling with it.
+ it's been so hard being a stay-at-home-mom to 1.
the last time i was here was 10 years ago + i'm
not that idealistic person anymore.
confession time...(don't judge me!!) he's been
watching a lot of tv; more than his allotted 1hr.
 on monday the tv was on all morning!!!
i know, i know...

will share more later the grumpy prince just got
home from drop-off.  so i'm going to get busy.

take care my to you soon.