Awesome clutch by Byloom & Hyde

above is the awesome clutch i got for my anniversary last

long story short...
i got it back in august but it was such a fluke. 
it's made by Alexandra Ritchie// Byloom & Hyde on Etsy.
she makes some of the coolest bags i've ever seen, 
so friggin' original. i discovered her a while back +
i'm always in her shop checking out what's new.
i can't remember when i first saw this clutch, but i
knew it was made for me + it would be mine one day.

every once in a while
i would go to drool over it. so imagine my surprise and pure
joy when i went to look at it + it was on SALE!!
i couldn't leave without it + my i.t. guy (hubby) said
he would buy it for me for our for me.

i can't believe i missed her featured shop post back in
aug. i read it last week. so amazing...she is the epitome
of what Etsy is all about; awesome handmade products/talents.
read her feature here.

so as you know our babysitter cancelled for our anniversary
but it worked out as i ended up not feeling too great +
i would have cancelled anyway. so my belief that things
happen for a reason still stands true.

but in spite of that it ended up being an awesome weekend 
spent with my kiddos + i.t. guy (hubby). we had dinner
by candle light + the most amazing chocolate cake.

i also had the surprise bonus of seeing one of 
my fave movies Constantine, i love that movie
so i was very, very happy. 

hope your weekend was a blast!!

Happy FALL!!