Silversun Pickups - Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)

The grumpy prince really digs this band so naturally I've been
listening to them as well (although I did like the song Lazy Eye).
The band performed on David Letterman the other recorded it and we watched it yesterday.  One of
the things that blew me away (I haven't stopped talking about it)
is the fashion sense of the bassist Nikki Monninger. She brings a super chic
sense of style and sophisication that I've never seen from a
woman in a rock band before.

Her outfit on David Letterman was so chic, she looked like a
chief editor for a fashion magazine... I love it!!
Watching her switch off her wah-wah pedal with her sparkly red
wedge pumps made me fall of the (Nikki can we be friends?)
You can get a sense of her style in this video.
you go Nikki...rock on!!

Hope you have a twitching Thursday