book lust: We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver

Happy Wednesday!!

There's just one more day left of school. The grumpy prince is around
today and tomorrow, so pick up/drop off is on

I've had my nose buried in this book since last Tuesday and
it's one of the most amazingly written books I've read
in an incredibly long time. Remember, I saw the movie a 
couple of weeks ago and just had to find out more. 

The book is full of so much brutal honesty about the
decision to have a child and the consequences it can
have on a marriage if you're both on opposing sides
of how to raise that child.  It opens a locked door into the harsh
reality of a relationship between a mother and son
that is doomed before it ever began.
And really, what do you do if you have a child born
with a predisposition to never be happy or satisfied
with anything including life itself?

* you will need to have a dictionary on!! 

Have a well-written Wednesday.