monday morning

via: tumblr

Hi friends, hope your weekend went well.  
I've already lost a greater part of today to a lack of focus
and somehow I feel like I'm going to have a similiar
week to last weeks blur.  I've way too many things
on my mind and I'm constantly jumping from one
thing to the next and the day is just evaporating.

Hopefully I'll be able to quiet my mind down
and get some things done.  If not I'll have to escape 
into a book for awhile that usually helps.

Speaking of books, I was watching SNL Saturday
night and saw their 'mother's day commercial' 
what's up the the book 'fifty shades of grey' by
E. L. James?  Has anyone read it
or is reading it right now?
  I might have to check this
book out...seems a bit naughty ;)

Happy Monday