monday morning

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Morning friends, I hope you all had an
awesome weekend!!

We went out yesterday, the girls went
to the art store and the boys went
shoe shopping.  I then took a detour into
a large American chain store that moved
into our neighbourhood a few months ago.
I know a lot of the high school kids
go there and I wanted to check out my competion. 

I went straight to their accessories section
to look at their jewelry. Well, what I
thought would be a tough place to compete
with turned into a large eye opener for me
and I ended up leaving the store with
my head so high I almost got a nose bleed.

The quality of the fashion jewelry was really
poorly made and the materials looked
really dodgy and they were really over priced.

I started to think that a lot of us are
really underpricing our products and talents. 
When I think of all the things I've gotten
from Esty artisans over the last little
while; the quality of the materials and
the design I was over come with so much
pride to be part of such a talented community.
Oh, well enough said.

Hope you have a memorable Monday.