crushing on - Drive (The Movie)

A few years ago, I decided not to read reviews about movies
because they give away way too much. Just let the movie speak
for itself. So this past weekend when the gp and I rented the movie
'Drive', I had no idea what it was about. 

Right from the beginning I was hooked and I've been hooked ever since.
The music was phenomenal, the plot was suspenseful and the acting
was off the charts; Ryan Gosling; WOW baby!!
I've always been a sucker for the loner quiet type, but Ryan brought
things to this character that were totally unexpected. Anyone who can
wear a jean jacket as a shirt and a satin quilted scorpion embroidered jacket

Be warned, in some parts it's extremely violent; holy violent batman!
In total I've watched it 4x's so far, by the 2nd viewing
I knew when to close my eyes.

I will NEED to own the movie, the soundtrack and read the book!!
I'll have to get them soon. I'm starting to have withdrawal!!

Hope today is being kind to you.
 Have a transmission Tuesday.