Crushing On - Hellema Biscuits!!

My father-in-law(dad) always brings 'care packages' when he comes to visit and they
always have the coolest things...things we wouldn't normally buy for ourselves at
the supermarket. Like organic juices, German lemon cake ( i ate this for a year), dessert
perogies and the biscuits above.  

These biscuits walked in about 4 Christmases ago. 
We LOVE them but dad couldn't remember where he'd bought them.
So we kept the package wrapper and kept an eye out for them.
Years passed with no luck and we eventually tossed the wrapper.
Then 2 years ago we found them at Metro and jumped for joy. Now our beloved
biscuits would be a treat forever.  Then they disappeared :( 

So last year we didn't have them for sad.
Well a few weeks ago while shopping at Sobeys the grumpy prince found them!! 
We danced and cried. 
They had found their way back to us. 
 So this time we stocked up!! 

Ms. Winter seems to be settling into the city. Last night she unpacked
-16 degree temperatures and it's still mighty cold. So we are in today and
possibly tomorrow. It's been very nice, the kids are enjoying each others
company and playing really well together.  
We bought Mario Kart for the Wii for my girl 'keteer' so
we've been playing every night after dinner...lot's of fun.

 I actually sat at my desk today and made some new items for
the shop. Will share them soon. 
 Hope you are having a toasty Tuesday.