crushing on - DSquared 2 spring/summer collection 2012

What a fun and ultra sexy spring/summer collection 2012 from DSquared 2.  The talented twins Dan & Dean Caten who were born in Toronto, banged out a rock n' roll collection so visually appealing and hot, I feel like I need to start doing squats

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Love, love, love the leather jackets, the glitter and how cute are those pom-poms!?

Well folks today is my birthday, I'm -- years (I'll never tell!!).  It's funny I always find myself reflecting on where my life is on my birthdays, but I must say I haven't over the last couple of years.  I was thinking about it today and I think what's changed is having a small business.  A few years ago I would have never thought I'd be the owner behind a jewellery/jewelry brand...NEVER!!!.  I think what I've learned over the last little while; is you just never know where you're life will lead you.  You can plan and set goals to give yourself some direction and a little security in controlling your own destiny but you just never know where life will take you.  So now I just roll with the punches and life can punch you pretty hard sometimes but I must say I've been able to get up from a lot of those blows and each time a little bit stronger (and angrier lol).

So now rather than dreading another birthday I'm just happy to be able to take life's sucker punches and see what's in store or shop for So I think tonight when I blow out my birthday 'candle' (I'll never tell) I'll be able to just enjoy the moment.

Hope you all had a smashing weekend and a total blow-out Tuesday!!