Soft & Dreamy Pics

I did a blog post on photographer Vivienne Mok a few months ago and recently came across this interview & awesome photos exclusively for   Here she is again with 'Tales of Forgotten Places'.
I love the dreamy, hazy, soft and ever so romantic feel of these pictures.


I guess you may be asking yourself (or not) what happened to her banner.  Well, if I were to answer your question I would start by saying 'I really loved it, but it was giving me a headache'.  It just kept screaming at me 'HELLO LISA, HELLO LISA!! so I had to ask it to leave. We hugged and kissed good-bye and I do and will miss it, but it out stayed its welcome.  I've returned to my original, calming, soothing white background, with an updated font. Just in case you were

I hope you all have a frolicky Friday and a super duper weekend!!