working on wednesdays

So sorry for this very late post!  It was a very busy day outside of the tower today.  Two of the musketeers, the grumpy prince, grandpa and myself spent the morning in OZ.  My girl musketeers ballet recital was the Wizard of Oz and as you can imagine 3- 4 year olds (my daughter is 5 but was 4 when we started last September) doing anything choreographed is a treat in itself...lots of laughing (actually the girls did an amazing job).

After the recital all the guests gathered to enjoy some Tim Hortons coffee, cookies, timbits and juice.  Some of the dad's spent some time in the hallway with their blackberrys while us women folk commingled as the wee ones ran around us.  Does anything ever change? least they were able to clear their calendar's so they could attend.  It was nice seeing the men folk at the performance.

Here is a shot of those ruby red slippers ballet style!

As I mentioned on Monday's post I have been working a little on the shop.  Here are some materials and some new necklaces I've been working on.

quartz crystals can't wait to work with these!!

Hope everyone had a wickedly good Wednesday!