Balmain Spring 2011- My Grumpy Prince Make Over!!

The most fashionable my grumpy prince has ever been is on our second date when he wore cowboy boots; and to some that's not a fashion statement!  I might add that we almost didn't have a third date based on those cowboy boots!  My friend at the time told me to look beyond the boots and I did.  Now almost 16 years later I wish he still had his cowboy boots to add some personality to his 'style'.

Any hoot, if I could make over my grumpy prince I would love for him to wear anything from Balmain's mens spring collection 2011. How hot is this collection?, it's kind of like gentleman meets punk lite.




well, a girl can dream can't she?

all photos from fashionisto.

If you could make over your man - what look would you go for?

Hope everyone is having tenacious tuesday!