crushing on teen fiction - hush, hush

I finished the final book of The Hunger Games trilogy last Friday and immediately got into what was supposed to be my in between book while I wait for my mother's day gift (I know what you're thinking, how does she know what her Mother's Day gift is going to be; I made a list of books for the grumpy prince, with stars beside my must have NOW!!).  So, I picked up  'hush, hush' by Becca Fitzpatrick to hold me over and I've been book tripping ever since.

I would have finished this book on Friday if I didn't force myself to sleep.  It's that amazing!! I finished it on Saturday morning and was surprised to discover that it had a cliff hanger ending!  I IMMEDIATELY went on and discovered that there is a second book out and a third due on October 4th, 2011! (I may not survive the summer).  I barely survived the rest of the weekend after I ordered the second book 'crescendo', which arrived this morning, I can hardly contain myself!

This series is about a fallen angel and forbidden love, two of my favourite themes.  I'm in heaven (no pun intended!).  There are certain passages in this book that are so well written that I was completely absorbed in the book; no kids, no grumpy prince, just me in this book, it was amazing!!!

Well, I've got some reading to do!!

Hope everyone had a hopping good Easter weekend.