working on wednesdays

today, i thought i'd work on some photos, but tidy up of the tower took longer than i had thought. all in all a very busy day, so i will showcase some artists who really know their way around a camera, and capturing moments i can only dream of capturing. thank you ladies for inviting me into such beautiful dreamscapes.


ellemoss find her beautiful works here.




Ashley Dinges Photograpy, find her romantic shots here.

St. Michel (Paris)

Eiffel Tower (Paris)

mkendall photography, fine her dreamy photos here.

road to happiness

faded memories

 irenesuchocki, find her spectacular photos here.

somewhere along the way

snow gently falling at twilight

twinkle - a magical tree against a blue winter night sky

violetbellaphotography, find her totally ethereal photos here.


never stop looking back